Custom Fabrication and Sheet Metal

SXOR excels in custom fabrication and sheet metal work, offering unparalleled expertise. Our in-house capabilities ensure precision and innovation, crafting bespoke solutions for every off-road enthusiast’s unique needs.

custom paint

Custom Paint



SXOR masters suspension dynamics, applying expertise in every design. From rock crawling precision to desert racing agility, our in-house engineering ensures unparalleled performance on diverse terrains.

Vehicle Mods and Upgrades

SXOR excels in modifying and upgrading off-road vehicles for peak performance. Whether fine-tuning existing racecars or installing solid axles and coil-over kits, we elevate off-road experiences with precision upgrades.

vehicle being prepared for race

Race Prep

SXOR extends its expertise to assist in race preparation for other teams. With a collaborative spirit, we share our knowledge to elevate the performance of fellow racers.


SXOR gladly offers expert consultation to fellow racers, race teams, and car builders. Our experienced team provides valuable advice to enhance performance and achieve off-road excellence.